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I am writing on behalf of Atari, Inc./Atari Interactive, Inc. ("Atari") to demand that you immediately and permanently cease and desist from the infringing activities described below and comply with the other demands set forth in this letter.

Atari is a global producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for all market segments and all interactive game platforms. Atari is the exclusive owner of intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, in numerous interactive entertainment software products, including those listed below, and vigilantly protects its rights.

Atari has a good faith belief that the URL(s)
infringes Atari's copyright and other intellectual property rights by reproducing and/or displaying unauthorized copies of one or more Atari games for visitors to play directly in their browsers. Atari's copyrighted works that have been infringed include:
Lunar Lander

The material that is the subject of infringing activities (collectively referred to as "Infringing Material") appears on or is made available through the above-listed URL(s). The Infringing Material includes game-related images, artwork and titles and/or copies of the game itself. The Infringing Material is in violation of Atari's exclusive rights under the United States Copyright Act. It therefore constitutes copyright infringement in violation of 17 U.S.C. S 501. The Infringing Material also violates the copyright and other intellectual property laws of other countries around the world where your website may be viewed and accessed.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), which is codified at 17 USC S 512, Atari demands that you (1) expeditiously remove the Infringing Material; and (2) take appropriate action to prevent any further unauthorized reproduction and/or display of Atari's copyrighted works.

The information in this notification is accurate. Under penalty of perjury, I affirm I am authorized to act on behalf of Atari whose exclusive copyright rights I believe to be infringed as described herein.

This notice is not intended to be a complete statement of the facts or law in this matter. Nor is it intended to be a complete statement of Atari's positions, rights or remedies, legal or equitable, all of which are specifically reserved.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email at

Thank you.


Kristen J. Keller
Executive Vice President & General Counsel

name: Rick Nielsen

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